Who We Are



Over 20 years experience in Spain


He worked in concert production and security before making his way into the world of production. He has worked  his way up from runner to grip, scout, location manager and for the last 14 years has been the co-partner in Santa Monica Productions and our  in-house producer.

After many years of location scouting, he has created one of the most extensive location data-bases in Spain.

His technical background in mechanical and structural engineering is a plus on all shoots. He is quick on his feet and is a natural born problem solver. Raised in Spain, Yiannie knows the ins and outs of Spanish red tape. He has contacts across the country and if you need a permit in a rush, he can get it. He has earned respect with the local authorities for being hard working, safety conscious, and responsible. Apart from running your shoot smoothly , he will ensure that you will have a good time, eat well  and enjoy some laughs as well.


Kirsten Fleig was born and raised in Germany and brings northern organisational skills to sunny Spain. Trained in international retail export, Kirsten spent extended periods of time in Paris and Australia to perfect her English and French.

After a brief bout in international real estate, Kirsten dedicated twelve years to the development of various model agencies. She traveled internationally to scout models and tirelessly promoted them.

Her dedication gained her prestige in the industry and then she was head hunted to establish a production center in Spain. Seeing the need to create a fully professional production service company, Kirsten established Santa Monica Productions.